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Namasté, I am Cilica

International Yoga Therapy Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Educator.

Based in the UK and Canada, and international yoga teacher trainings.



Traditional Classic Yoga from a strong holistic perspective that maintains and restore your health: mind body spirit.


As a Yoga Therapy Practitioner, I incorporate all that is yoga to provide you with a personal practice that addresses your specific health challenges to heal.

Practice the Eight Limbs of Yoga

Self-Imposed Discipline – NIYAMA
Physical Exercise with Breath – YOGASANA
Concentration – DHARANA
Meditation – DHYANA

PRANAYAMA – Life-Force, Breath
SAMADHI – Spirituality
YAMA – Observances
PRATYAHARA – Withdrawal of the Senses

Yogasana, the physical movement is the most practised in the West. Asana is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness and flexibility. You do not need to be fit or flexible.

What Client’s Say . . .

Joanna Norman ~ Midwife ~ Kamloops, Canada

Cilica is a highly coveted teacher of holistic yoga ~  in many methodologies and philosophies of yoga.  I have had the privilege of both learning from Cilica and teaching with her ~  she has an unique way of providing individual attention to every student, gently challenging and encouraging even beginners to move beyond Hatha yoga; incorporating all aspects of body, mind and spirit into daily practice.  I pass along my highest recommendations.

What Client’s Say . . .

Carly J. ~ British Columbia, Canada

I have enjoyed my classes with you very much and found that your patience and teaching skills have been very helpful. I will continue to use your suggesetions for my home practice. I am looking forward to classes with you again shortly, Thanks.

What Client’s Say . . .

Tracy Briggs ~ Middle School Librarian & Yoga Teacher ~ Slough, Berkshire, UK

Cilica was a substitute teacher for many of my yoga classes.  My students enjoy her hands on approach that met their individual needs.  She has vast yoga, reflexology and healing experience hat comes through in her teaching.  Insightful and I think her calm personality comes from being a meditation master.

What Client’s Say . . .

Sempra Heu ~ Vancouver, Canada

Going to Cilica for yoga classes and private lessons are not passive. You cannot just go through the motions thinking I’ve done yoga today.  In my first class, she told me in three classes; I will be able to practice the yogasanas by myself, knowing what I’m doing.  I laughed. “No way!”.  In three classes, I could remember enough of the Sun Salutation to do it on my own.  She is an excellent teacher. Kind when I forget because she knows we are not perfect.

What Client’s Say . . .

Dee Neilsen ~ Yoga Teacher ~ Port Moody, Canada

I hired Cilica to help me with my personal practice for several years.  She facilitated my growth as a yoga teaching also. She knows too much; I did not know where to begin.  Good that Cilica did.   Cilica was a tremendous source of knowledge having taught for over 35 years.   She was kind, thoughtful and caring.

What Client’s Say . . .

Hamid Haji ~ Martial Arts Master ~ Port Moody, Canada

Cilica and me ran a Yoga and Martial Arts centre together for 6 years.  She can manage business and students well and teach yoga with two young daughters. Cilica taught me yoga, I only was 4th dan black belt – no yoga. The centre is a success today because Cilica left it with good income and many students.

Be the still that awakens your mind

Be the quiet that hears your heartbeat

Be fearless, live life in each breath

Registered Yoga Therapy Practitioner - RYTP

Teaching private sessions of yoga, yoga mentorships, private teacher training, and yoga studio consulting.

Working with people on physical and mental challenges that are not addressed in regular yoga classes or workshops.

Training yoga teachers, therapists, enthusiast, health workers and the like.  All training is certified and count for CPD hours.

Yoga therapy teacher training for 10 yrs to qualified yoga teachers, enthusiast, and health practitioners. Certified and counts for CPD hrs.

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